(Українська) Колір мого сьогодні: виставка малярства Олени Матошнюк


(Українська) Колір мого сьогодні: виставка малярства Олени Матошнюк

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In Lutsk’s view the Museum of the Ukrainian hourly mystery

The solemn opening of the Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art in Korsakov will be held on August 24, 2018, at 5 pm at: Lutsk, ul. Karbysheva 1, Adrenalin City Cultural and Entertainment Center.

The total area of ​​the first turn of the museum complex will be about 5,000 square meters. m and will contain a number of exhibition halls. The permanent exposition area will occupy 3,000 square meters. m

The museum will feature works by over 100 outstanding artists (more than 800 art objects). Painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, video art – here is a collection of works of art of the best Ukrainian authors of the XX-XXI centuries.

According to Lesia Korsak, one of the organizers of this project, the Gallery of Modern Ukrainian Art “Art Department”, which opened its doors more than four years ago, became the ideological start of the creation of a private museum. The main purpose of the museum, in the opinion of its founders, is to promote the development of the spirituality of the nation and the promotion of Ukrainian art in the world.

In order to carry out such a mission, it is planned to hold exhibitions that will represent the works of the best Ukrainian artists both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as search for new ones and the return of forgotten names to the history of art.

The founders’ plans include the organization of festivals of performances and video art, guest lectures and concerts of contemporary music, theatrical performances and the demonstration of art films.

As part of the museum, master classes for adults and children with experienced artists from different fields will be arranged: paintings, photos, sculptures, graphics, and in the fall the Academy of Contemporary Art and Design will start work.

The Museum of Contemporary Art plans to organize cooperation with schools, colleges, universities of the region: excursions in the period of study and holidays, conducting lessons in the atmosphere of the museum and artistic competitions, as well as launching a school for the improvement of the skills of teachers of drawing secondary schools, music and art schools, for teaching in which to attract the best artists and art critics of Ukraine.

“An extremely important task of the museum will be the removal of the orthodox halo of academic art and the propagation of the avant-garde always and in all, without any restrictions. We want this institution to be not just a collection of exhibits, but a continuous flow of cultural events, and Lutsk has become one of the centers of contemporary art in our country and looked and looked and looked at the world-class dignity and fashion “, – assures Victor Korsak, one of the organizers of this project. .

The founders believe that the museum complex will become not only one of the tourist centers of Ukraine, but also a family entertainment center, a favorite place for weekends, because here you can rest, have fun, get a new portion of knowledge and aesthetic enthusiasm.

The museum will work from 12 to 20 hours daily. The ticket price – 30 UAH, for students and schoolchildren – 15. On Wednesday, the museum will be free to visit. On Friday from 18.00 there is a free entrance for young people.

We invite all the connoisseurs of contemporary Ukrainian art to the ceremony on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art of Korsakov.