Opening of Serhii Aliyev-Kovyka’s project “Heat. Siren. Coffee”

On December 22, at 5:00 p.m., the Korsaks` Museum will host the opening of Serhii Aliyev-Kovyka’s project “Heat. Siren. Coffee”

“Heat. Siren. Coffee” is a photo exhibition. Each work in the exhibition represents a moment that the author captures from the general socio-psychological frenzy called “Air Anxiety”.

And the proximity of “absolute death” is becoming familiar to the townspeople: they no longer change their routes or leave their jobs at the sound of sirens. Only a few passers-by look in the direction of the long-familiar alarming sound – to make sure that life continues in the same way as their daily planned path.

“Heat. Siren. Coffee” – the movement in the central square of the city stops only in the eyes of the artist, so that, sitting on a bench with a cup of coffee, he was able to capture its relentlessness and the continuous flow of life in his drawings.

A separate thematic block of the exposition is “Acacias on Hrushevsky”. Nine old, stout trees in the center of the city have become a kind of symbol of its indomitability. This is exactly how Serhiy depicts them in his works in a life-affirming, expressive and monumental way. Giant old trees are still breathing life and welcome spring with new white blooms and unique aromas of their flowers.

How the post-war city of Dnipro lives and breathes during the sirens – the answer is in the works of the artist here and now.