The largest painting in the world will be created in Lutsk, Ukraine

The Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art (KMCUA) presents a unique global scale art project. The museum’s exposition will be complemented by the world’s largest painting on canvas, with an area of 2,000 m2. On November 12 at 17:00, an artistic event “Birth of Birth” will be held in KMCUA (Lutsk, Ukraine). It will mark the launch of the “COSMOGONY” project. The museum’s exposition will be complemented by the largest painting on canvas in the world. The height of the painting will reach 10 m, and the width — 200 m, 2,000 m2 in total. The picture will be formed from approximately 300 fragments, while each being simultaneously a complete, independent art object. This artwork will be created by an iconic Ukrainian artist Petro Antip over the course of a year and a half. The name of the project “COSMOGONY” comes from the Greek word “birth”. It will be a dialogue with the viewer about how “Someone, in some way, created something and someone, and about what this is all for.” «Until now, art was considered to be something that lost its functionality (practical expediency) or did not have it at all. In our project, the function (production processes that can be observed) will acquire an aesthetic meaning. Spectators and employees will receive a unique psycho-emotional experience. The real production process will be an integral part of the art project» — says Viktor Korsak, curator of the “COSMOGONY” project and the founder of KMCUA. An important component of the project is that Museum visitors will join the world’s longest performance. During 18 months, they will be able to observe the creation of the canvas: the artist’s creative search and the “Birth of Birth”. The artistic process of Petro Antip will last more than 3000 hours (the previous record belongs to Marina Abramovich, whose performance lasted 700 hours). During the process of creating the picture, various events related to the theme of “COSMOGONY” will take place in the museum: artistic events, master classes, informative lectures, scientific forums and conferences. This will allow visitors not only to deepen their knowledge of this issue and get answers to difficult questions, but also to formulate their visions on the genesis of the universe. The authors of the project are convinced that this idea will help Lutsk, and Ukraine as a whole, to join the list of the most famous global tourist locations. By the way, the previous record belongs to the British artist Sasha Jafra, who created “Journey of Humanity” (1,600 m2). For more news and updates on “COSMOGONY” please follow the official website of the KMCUA, and their pages in Facebook and Instagram. For any questions, contact: [email protected]. Reference: Viktor Korsak is a Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VolWest Group, founder of the Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, MBA lecturer. Author of books and dozens of articles worldwide. Petro Antip is a Ukrainian sculptor, painter, and writer. He was born in the city of Horlivka, Donetsk region, and studied at the Penza Art School named after Academician K. A. Savytskyi (1984). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1989). Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009). The Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art was created with the aim of developing the spirituality of the nation and promoting Ukrainian art around the world. The museum presents the works of more than 100 outstanding artists (more than 800 art objects). Painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, video art. It is a collection of works of art of the best Ukrainian authors of the 20th-21st centuries. Thanks to the launch of the “COSMOGONY” project, the Korsaks’ Museum is expanding by another 5,000 m2. The total area will be 12,500 m2. KMCUA plans to integrate art into the production process on a permanent basis.