Performance by Petro Antyp “Noosphere: Symphony of Good and Evil”

We invite you to the grand artistic event “Noosphere: Symphony of Good and Evil”. Performance by Petro ANTYP.

To the accompaniment of music, in front of many people, the artist will begin a new part of the unique painting “COSMOGONY”, which is a visual embodiment of deep philosophical reflections on the nature of humanity and its place in the universe.

Friday, December 1


Korsaks` Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art (Karbysheva Street,).

Free entrance.

“Noosphere: A Symphony of Good and Evil” is a chapter where we focus on the duality of human nature, presenting both the “good geniuses” and “evil geniuses” of humanity.

Each image in this part of the picture is a symbol of certain ideals, values ​​or anti-values ​​that influenced and continue to influence the development of civilization.

It is not just part of the picture, it is a window into a world where each person is the creator of his own reality, and each choice affects the formation of our common future.

So become a part of co-creation with us!