The Korsaks’ Museum presented grand «INTRO»


Large-scale opening of the «INTRO» exhibition project t took place in the Korsaks’ Museum of the Contemporary Ukrainian Art. Everyone came together: critics, artists, painters, journalists and just those who adore art. About 40 artists, together with their curators, took part in the project. «The artists express all our problems. They are indicators of life. This exhibition is a huge orchestra, whose conductor is Taras Tabaka », – said the inspiration of the museum Lesya Korsak.

According to the artist and project coordinator Taras Tabaka, this action is an example of interaction of the author and the viewer through the function of the curator to whom the key position is given,−  from generating of the concept to its embodiment with analytical and intellectual design.

The following projects were presented for visitorsof the museum:«Balance», «Calligraphic exercises», «Iconostasis of the Carpathians», «Mutations of love», «Privat», «Index 38020», “«Parkinson’s Law», «Balance» and «Earth». Each of them is a separate and distinct story talking to the viewer.