The Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art is located in the city of Lutsk, on the territory of the Adrenalin City cultural and entertainment center. The ceremony of the opening took place on August 24, 2018. The Korsaks’ Museum was created for the purpose to develop the spirituality of the nation, promotion of the Ukrainian art in the world by presenting the bright artistic achievements of artistic culture of the 20th century, acquaintance of visitors with the contemporary art through author’s projects, installations, and performances. The Korsaks family became the founder and mastermind for the creation of the first in Ukraine world-class museum of contemporary Ukrainian art. The total area of the first phase of the museum complex is about 5,000 square meters and contains a number of exhibition halls. The area of permanent exposure occupies 3000 square meters. The museum features works of over 100 outstanding artists (more than 800 art objects). Painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, video art – a collection of works of art of the best Ukrainian authors of the 20th-21st. centuries has been collected here. The ideological beginning of the creation of a private museum was the gallery of contemporary art Art Kafedra, which was opened in April 2014 and during its work held dozens of exhibitions, cultural and artistic soiree, creative contests. In 2016 the Gallery was an organizer of the art forum WestArt Forum UA and co-organizer of the festival of contemporary urban art Polychrome. In July 2018, the Art-Memorial Museum of Mykola Kumanovskyi was opened, which became the structural unit of the Museum. A wide program of exhibition, educational, research and publishing activities conducted by the Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, reflects the actual processes in Ukrainian culture and opens opportunities for public dialogue and the creation of new works.