“Woman Holding the Earth”: the art project “WOMEN-ATLANTES” was opened at the Korsaks’ Museum


Bravery, a woman as a superhuman and the revolutionary nature of Ukrainian art – this was discussed at the opening of the new exhibition “WOMEN-ATLANTES” in the Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Lutsk.

The art project of the artist Liza Obukhovska was presented within the framework of the ENTER youth platform on Wednesday, August 2.

Lesya Korsak, managing partner of the Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, addressed the museum guests first:

“We all know from ancient Greek myths who the Atlantes were, who was the Atlant who holds the Earth. And these are our Ukrainian women-Atlantes, who hold the dome of our culture, women who made a huge contribution to the Ukrainian culture formation: in literature, in travel, in art. In this project, the young artist highlighted many figures”.

Liza Obukhovska was born in Khmelnytskyi, graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts. There, the artist studied applied art and architecture, decorative and applied art, so you can see textile elements in this project.

According to Lesya Korsak, textiles add femininity and warmth to this art object.

“No one here has done such a combination: acrylic painting and textiles,” said Mrs. Korsak.

Artisr participated in exhibition projects not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland, Great Britain, and the United States. She experiments a lot, both with textiles and with posters and tapestries, she does not use stretchers for her works.

Zoya Navrotska, an art critic and head of the research department of the Korsaks’ Museum, noted that the subject of the project is extremely rich:

“A woman… Lisa is talking about a woman. About a woman in general and about a Ukrainian woman, who, by the way, was never humbled, who in Ukrainian culture was not a creature behind closed doors. Our Ukrainian woman knows what tenderness is, but at the same time she knows what power is: the power of words, and power in general.”

The artist Liza Obukhovska said that she was inspired to create this project by such a historical figure for Ukrainian culture as Sofya Yablonska.

“But I don’t want you to get confused with Tatiana Yablonska, the artist. Sofia Yablonska was a film director and photographer. If she lived now, she would probably be called a travel blogger. After her travels, Yablonska very interestingly described these trips, sent photos and these stories to Ukraine, so that Ukrainians would also learn about such exotic peoples, exotic countries. For me, she is a symbol of courage and freedom. This is what got me interested in her, she has a very interesting biography and I advise you to learn more about her,” the artist said.

During the opening of the exhibition, attention was also paid to the significant contribution of Ukrainian artists of the last century.

“I remember this incredible beginning of the 20th century, when there were huge changes in Ukrainian art, when the Ukrainian theme was a revolution, and I remember at that time Exter, Sofia Karaffa-Korbut, Nalepynska-Boychuk, who revolutionary turned specifically to the national theme, specifically to the national person, but they decided on this idea in the context of their time,” noted Zoya Navrotska.

“WOMEN-ATLANTES” project is dedicated to the study of the influence of women, their activities and contribution to the formation of Ukrainian culture. Unfortunately, sometimes the achievements of women do not receive due recognition and attention, history erases their names, and their images are distorted in textbooks, creating the illusion that we, Ukrainians, have nothing to be proud of, as if all cultural figures were too provincial and poor.

With this exhibition project, Lisa Obukhovska seeks to draw attention to the importance of recognizing and studying the role of women in the history of Ukrainian culture formation and development, which often remains underestimated or forgotten. Finally, the time has come when Ukraine was left alone with its history and cultural heritage, emancipated from everything Russian and Soviet. This space, untouched and free, is now filled with Ukrainian values, Ukrainian identity revitalization, restoration of connection with one’s own past and building up of a powerful modern culture.

The exhibition can be viewed at the Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art at the address: Lutsk, str. Karbysheva, 1, cultural and entertaining center “Adrenalin City”.