Bella Logachova presented pictures from « GRAY ZONE. THE WAR IS WITHIN TOUCH » in the Korsaks’ Museum

For the year of existence the Korsaks’ Museum of the Contemporary Ukrainian Art presented many unique art projects, so it would seem difficult to surprise the viewer. However, Bella Logachova’s presentation of «THE OBSERVATION» is truly special: it combines the diversity of nature, human life and modern technology.

The opening ceremony took place on September 6, the exhibition will be open for a month, but in order to understand the author’s intention, one has to listen to her words, to her inner experiences, which are, first of all, relevant to the present.

Bella Logachova was born in Mariupol, now lives and works in Kharkiv, and among other artists she is distinguished by the deep experience of what is happening today in the east of this country. War is a wound that bleeds Ukraine and this can’t  be silent. Actually, this is what the artist wants, reflecting in her works how nature, birds, animals react and how people survive there, in the “gray zone”.

Managing partner of the Korsaks’ Museum, Lesya Korsak, greeted the author and all, who were present and remarked: « Here in the west of the country, we are a little distant from the war, though we remember that the war is ongoing. Bella has brought us into a state of reality, a horrible reality, and these works of hers are as from another world… They should be seen by as many people as possible».