In Lutsk, the Korsaks` Museum will open the art project “Vectors of Ukrainian Figurative Art”

In Lutsk, the Korsaks` Museum will open the art project “Vectors of Ukrainian Figurative Art”

On Friday, August 18, at 6:00 p.m., the Korsaks` Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art will host the opening of the exhibition “Vectors of Ukrainian Figurative Art.”

The exhibition of Ukrainian figurative art – i.e. subject-pictorial art, where the subject of the surrounding reality as a material of figurative embodiment on canvas, within the borders of a graphic sheet, a sculptural volume becomes for the artist a certain model of a metaphorical image – reveals to the viewer the multi-vector nature of the artistic consciousness of a modern artist, demonstrating that “will the edge of national and regional post-eclecticism”, beyond which a wide range of creative insights and discoveries opens up, only conditionally included in the indisputable definition of stylistic directions and currents.

“Figurativism of Ukrainian contemporary art has become the most viable line of modern art, having fully united in its practice all known European art movements. We are talking about impressionism, post-impressionism, symbolism, expressionism, realism, hyperrealism, surrealism, naive art, neo-primitivism, metaphysical painting and graphics, trans-avant-garde, neo-plastic neo-modernism, even about cybernetic art and art deco replicas. Of course, all of these currents are presented at the exhibition through the lens of the author’s subjectivism – artist, curator, critic, viewer,” says the Korsaks` Museum.

In the practice of recent decades, the formism of Ukrainian figurative art is represented by the works of various art schools of Ukraine: Kyiv (Anatoly Kryvolap, Oleg Tistol, Oleksandr Dubovyk, etc.), Lviv (Lyubomir Medvid, Myroslav Yagoda, Vlodko Kaufman, etc.), Kharkiv (Vadim Petrov, Nina Murashkina, Oleksandr Serdyuk, etc.), representatives of the artistic environment of Lutsk (Mykola and Natalya Kumanovski), Odesa (Valery Basanets), Transcarpathia (Ruslan Tremba, Viktor Melnychuk), and others.

Residents of Lutsk and guests of the city will be able to see the art project “Vectors of Ukrainian Figurative Art” at the Korsaks` Museum at the address: Lutsk, str. Karbysheva, 1, KRC “Adrenaline City”. Entrance to the opening of the exhibition is free.