Why ‘Cosmogony’ can be considered a revolution in world art

Ukrainians are innovators in art. Ukrainian artists, cinematographers, composers had a significant impact on the development of modern world art, creating many new artistic directions and innovative approaches.   Abstractionism arose in the world thanks to the Ukrainian artist Vasyl Kandinskyi, and without Olexandra Ekster the world would not have ‘art deco’. Humanity would not have seen cubism in sculpture without Archypenko and would not have known that the void has a form. Without Dzyga Vertov, there would be no documentary and hidden camera shooting. Christmas in every Christian family would not be so cozy if Mykola Leontovych had not created ‘Shchedryk’ (‘Carol of the Bells’).   108 years ago, Ukrainian artist Kazymyr Malevych created the Black Square and founded Suprematism, changing world art. Now, our country is once again making a revolution in art with Cosmogony in the Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Lutsk.    This massive artwork spanning 2000 square meters by artist Petro Antyp and curator Viktor Korsak tells a story about the past, present, and future. It is created by Ukrainians for the whole world, encapsulating the essence of our planet.   It combines painting, sculpture, installation, performances, and media art, offering a glimpse into what art could be like in the future.   ‘Cosmogony’ is something that did not exist before. Modern Ukrainian innovation can be traced in this work of art. This is a unique Ukrainian version of the art of the future, which has no analogues on the planet.   The canvas will consist of more than 600 fragments, each of which is a separate art object, and will be divided into several thematic parts: ‘The Big Bang’, ‘Creation of the Earth’, ‘Creation of Nature’, ‘Creation of Human’, ‘Creation of Society’, ‘Creation of Culture’, ‘Creation of the Noosphere’ and ‘Future’. Each part contains different myths, legends, scientific theories, symbols, signs and inscriptions of different nations and peoples.   An important feature of the project is the approach to the localization of the work of art. It is integrated into the production processes, since the distribution center is located in the hall where the painting is created and will be exhibited. Thus, art does not become separated from life, but becomes part of it. Both museum visitors and distribution center workers will be able to observe the live process of creating this picture and interact with each other, receiving a unique psycho-emotional experience.   ‘Cosmogony’ is of great national importance and can already be considered a cultural heritage of Ukraine. Oversee the development of the largest art project of Ukraine during the statehood in the social networks of the Korsaks’ Museum. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.